Friday, May 31, 2013

Free Give-Away Thanks to the Racinne Skincare Launch!

Racinne and The Bride's Diary® are giving you the chance to WIN 1 x Racinne Vanity Case and 1 x Ultimate Hydra Perfection Range Pack worth a value of over $550! These amazing prizes will have you covered with everything that you need in order to achieve beautiful skin for your special day!

After seven years of dedicated research, global cosmetic brand RACINNE makes its Australian debut, introducing two new ranges for women, Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series and Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series…
Ultimate Hydra Perfection Range

Raccine Vanity Case

Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series

The new ranges boast an advanced biotechnology formula, known as “Callus Cultivation Technology” providing nourishment, hydration and protection to skin. Discovered by the Canadian-born brand in collaboration with world-leading Korean skin care laboratories, the formula which is a few years ahead of the western world’s plant stem cell technology, is known to improve the capability of the skins cells ability to survive and reproduce.

Key active ingredients in the ranges such as snow lotus within the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series and grape callus culture extract within Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series, are clinically proven to promote the skin’s natural defence system, strengthening skin cells’ capacity to retain moisture whilst preventing signs of aging.

Jennifer Gerace, Business Development Manager for RACINNE International says, “The new ranges penetrate to the deepest layers of skin improving dull, dehydrated and aged skin, which is a common side effect of a naturally warmer climate such as in Australia. RACINNE is redefining the beauty category with its vanguard scientific research, and its formulation of cutting-edge products, offering the most advanced active ingredients," Gerace said.

Thanks to 
Racinne, The Bride's Diary are giving away 1 x Racinne Vanity Case and 1 x Ultimate Hydra Perfection Range Pack worth a value of $597!

To enter, simply email your entry (you must include your full name, mailing address, email) to with 'Racinne Launch Giveaway' in the subject line. Entries close Friday 14th June 2013.*

For more information visit Racinne.

Best of luck!

Stress-Less with Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics

The combination of cool winds and dry heated rooms can create a stressful situation for your hair, leaving it dry and dull. You also don’t want to contribute to the stress by using the wrong products on your hair. Scunci fights off your winter blues with some helpful tricks...

You would never think an ordinary hair elastic could do damage but it certainly can if hair is dry and weak. Swap your ordinary elastics for the No Damage Range from Scunci, with its unique technology and no metal parts ensuring hair will not tangle, snap or pull. The range can be worn through the day and long into the night - throw your hair into a pony tail for your morning coffee run or pull it back for work; these elastics will ensure a tight hold without any damage.

A ponytail doesn’t have to be boring either. Try the Scunci Topsytail tool to create a cool twist on the old classic!

If you’re not a fan of the ponytail look, instead bundle your hair up into a bun and secure with the Ultimate Up Do Clip. Buns help keep the hair warm, and at the same time protect it from any cool, harsh winds – perfect! 

Hot styling tools and hair straighteners can be quite harsh on the hair whether it be summer or winter! If you’re looking for flowing locks without the hassle, opt for these Foam Rollers from Scunci. These super-handy self-grip foam rollers create volume and lift & add smoothness to hair – all without the need of heat! 

All you need to do is simply section pieces of hair similar size to the rollers, roll it up the hair and secure in place with a bobby pin for 30mins. Finish the look off with a good spritz of hairspray and smooth over hair with hands. As well as securing the waves, hairspray will take care of any static – everyone’s winter hair enemy!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ray-Ban & Tommy Hilfiger at Clearly Contacts

Clearly Contacts are now stocking these cool new Ray-Ban Blue Gradient frames and Tommy Hilfiger tartan frames! Check out our fave statement picks...

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

M.A.C. Baking Beauties

Exquisite, scrumptious, utterly indulgent… The artistry of cake decoration is a world filled with tempting creation, as is this new colour collection inspired by the most couture of cakes. Gorgeous shades, from Mooncake and Pistachio Crème to Pink Buttercream, transform into a succulent showcase of confections for eyes, face, lips and nails.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hi-Tech Do-It-Yourself Gel Nails

Check out the new DIY Gel Nail system from kit: salon nail technology made easy!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Guys - Shave Yourself a Fortune with RazorPit

Spend less on disposable razors by cleaning the blades with innovative RazorPit – a rubber device which rids used razors of residue that makes them feel ‘blunt’!  

Some people can spend upwards of $300 a year throwing out blades once they think they’re at the end of their life. However, this blunt feeling is simply due to hair and shaving lubricant being stuck beneath the blades and all it really needs to last longer is a good clean.

The RazorPit’s sturdy thermo-plastic elastomer material provides friction as well as a soft-textured surface, allowing the blade to glide over it easily and remove any residue – the shaver is like new again!

Financially, this $29.95 investment can save the user over $160 a year in disposable shaving cartridges being thrown out prematurely. In addition, shavers and razors cannot be recycled due to their size, meaning they end up in landfill, according to Planet Ark. Consider the amount of disposable razors RazorPit could save the environment.

“The RazorPit is one of the most innovative products in our shop, cleaning out the blades of a shaver so that it can be used again and again and again,” said
Shaver Shop buyer, Kathleen Radford.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Bright New Scent - Be Jeweled by Vera Wang

Vera Wang Be Jeweled captures all the flirtatious energy of the perfect girls' night out in a radiant, floral scent that sparkles from within.

Captivate the moment you enter the room with top notes of pomegranate and a dazzle of champagne. Charm with a heart of passionfruit and a swirl of fanciful florals, including pink honeysuckle and peony. Make a lasting impression with notes of musk-infused sandalwood and pink sugar crystals.

Inspired by one of Vera Wang's key fashion embellishments, each bottle is intricately faceted and brilliantly cut to evoke a precious gem. Illuminated by jewels in shades of purple, pink, and champagne, Be Jeweled offers a stunning combination of sophistication and excitement.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Estée Lauder New Pure Colour Nail Lacquer
- French Nude Collection

“I chose these shades to suit every type of woman – her skintone, her personality, her point of view” - Tom Pecheux.

Following the bold, neon hues of summer, get back to basics with elegant and neutral shades for nails that complement every woman’s uniquely beautiful skin tone – introducing Pure Color Nail Lacquer French Nudes Collection by Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director, Tom Pecheux. Ranging from fair to dark and warm to cool, these flattering flesh tone shades provide nails with a subtly feminine, barely there look. 

Just as each woman has the perfect foundation shade to suit her complexion, so too exists the perfect nude nail colour to flatter each woman’s skin tone and help her achieve a naturally elegant look. Estée Lauder and Tom Pecheux have drawn on their colour expertise to create a selection of shades that will ensure every woman finds her perfect match. 

“This collection is like foundation for nails,” stated Tom Pecheux. “It’s all about enhancing nails, rather than making a big statement with color.” 

The chocolaty brown, creamy cocoa, milky beige and soft pink hues of these clean and sophisticated nail lacquers are a subtle and monotone, yet versatile array of shades. There are natural shades that perfectly match skintone to extend and elongate fingers or shades that contrast skintone for a more dramatic and daring nail look. 

Evoking the relaxed and casual nature of springtime in Paris, Pure Color Nail Lacquer French Nudes Collection is a fresh and modern way to wear nailthat redefines the notion of sexy simplicity.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winter Style Update with Duo Boots

Duo Boots have got some gorgeous winter boot inspiration below from some of fashion’s finest females. If you’re in the market for new styles, check out Duo Boots for made-to measure knee boots in 21 calf sizes and ankle boots in three widths.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Endota Glycolic - Result-Giving Treatment

Endota Spa Glycolic is an active treatment skincare range formulated to visibly improve skin appearance and texture.

Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, is a natural fruit acid in the aha family (alpha hydroxyl acid). It is a mild, naturally-occurring exfoliator that when applied topically loosens the bond between skin cells in the epidermis and dead skin cells revealing healthy, radiant, younger skin. It helps to eliminate and prevent acne, blackheads, improve acne scars, fine lines, uneven pigmentation and areas of dryness.

The unique combination of ingredients provide maximum results with minimal irritation, so it’s safe for all skin conditions and all skin types. Even the most sensitive skins can benefit from a glycolic peel.

Endota Spa offers a glycolic peel treatment to visibly improve skin in spa and 4 retail products to extend benefits at home.

Co-founder of Endota Spa, Melanie Gleeson, decided to develop this new range to fill a gap in spa treatments. 

“I want women to be able to walk in and out of spa quickly feeling and looking notably better. Endota’s glycolic range picks-up where traditional cleansers and moisturisers leave off.” As a mother and business owner, Melanie is a busy woman and knows the importance of a quick and easy pick me up.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Eco Tan Tanning Product, Does NOT Stain Gowns!

The anticipated day has nearly arrived and you’re just moments away from taking those steps down the aisle looking flawless in your breathtaking white gown.

Every bride is always glowing on her special day, but the big dilemma for brides everywhere is to tan or not too tan?

Fear strikes any bride when she pictures her freshly sprayed tan staining her one of a kind, expensive and carefully selected gown. Eliminate any added stress to your day and go with Organic Invisible Tan!

With its invisible properties , rose scent and chocolate colouring you can guarantee that there will never be a mark left on your dress and never again will you have to fear that dreaded fake tan stench. Phew! Best part? Its certified organic!

No synthetic ingredients. No GMO’s. No hidden nasties. Organic Invisible Tan is just as naturally beautiful as you.

For best results simply apply Organic Invisible Tan the night before and by morning you’re ready to start your preparations with a golden honey glow.

Brought to you by Australia’s pioneering certified organic tanning company, Eco Tan.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Estée Lauder Introduces Invisible Powder Make-Up

Estée Lauder welcomes you to the future of powder makeup with NEW Invisible Powder Makeup. Technologically advanced and intuitive, Invisible Powder Makeup perfectly marries pigments with light for the ultimate portrayal of your skin. The skin-loving hybrid formula combines all the best features and benefits of powder, liquid and gel textures to smooth and perfect skin without leaving a trace. A baked gelée powder that can be refreshed, renewed and retouched at anytime of the day, Invisible Powder Makeup has colour that looks unimaginably clean and pure, giving skin a high-resolution finish.

“Invisible Makeup marks a new evolution in the development of foundation,” said Anne Carullo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Product Innovation, Estée Lauder. “A true innovation, the Invisible Makeup line delivers a veil of visible invisibility to every skin tone by working with each person’s natural undertones. Undertones are what give our skin its unique colour and dimension and this makeup allows skin’s undertones to come through. It provides the appearance of natural skin, but in a way that is luminous, natural and uniquely perfected.”

High Performing, Advanced Formula

Invisible Powder Makeup’s revolutionary formula ensures the perfect suspension of pigments and optics with a talc-free, crystal clear system that delivers supreme colour clarity and pureness. This air-infused, ultra-light and ultra-breathable formula also uses slurry technology to give the powder a unique suede-satin feel. Invisible Powder Makeup’s texture is exceptionally lightweight without sacrificing coverage - like an invisible veil of silk for your face. Easily blendable, Invisible Powder Makeup builds invisibly and works as both a powder foundation and finishing powder – it’s your skin only better!  

Visible Invisibility

This high-performance powder makeup allows light to shine through the formula, enabling reflection and refraction of light off skin for a modern, luminous finish and skin-awakening effect that won’t settle and never appears cakey. The talc-free, crystal clear gel formula base ensures pigments remain extraordinarily pure and rich in colour payoff as the formula conceals while embracing natural undertones for a perfect shade match. With true-to-life shades from lightest to deepest, the result is colour that looks unimaginably clean and pure, giving skin a radiant, high-resolution finish. 

Lighthropic Technology

Adaptive, responsive and intuitive, the formula’s colour-correcting, lighthropic technology is comprised of a precise blend of multi-reflective prisms that capture and control brightness, tint, tone and balance so no matter the lighting conditions, makeup is imperceptible and skin appears naturally perfected.

Patent-Pending Gelmusion Base

Ultra-light and ultra-breathable, this tri-blend formulation combines all the best features of powder, gel and fluid textures in an ultra-thin flexible film base for a silky, soft feel and a perfectly smooth and polished complexion with an “air-brush” effect.

The naturally-derived ingredients within the skin-loving base of Invisible Powder Makeup ensure all day comfort. Dermatologist-tested, non-acnegenic and oil-free with lasting oil-control, this revolutionary powder makeup immediately reduces the appearance of pores. Packaged in a signature navy blue compact with golden Estée Lauder cartouche. 

Invisible Powder Makeup’s double-sided applicator was specifically developed to maximise product performance and customise coverage. For best results, apply to skin in a downward motion using the applicator. For sheerer coverage, apply with the flocked side. For fuller coverage use the sponge side of the applicator. Wear it alone, on top of foundation or for the most optimal makeup look, layer it on top of Invisible Fluid Makeup.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Ultimate Icon Wearing The Ultimate Tan

International model Kate Moss has just been announced as the first Face and Body Ambassador for the market leading self-tanning brand St.Tropez. Kate has been a fan of the brand for many years making it the perfect collaboration. 

The iconic and leading globalself-tan brand has announced the appointment of Kate Moss as the new face and body of the brand. The world’s most famous fashion and beauty icon brings her unique edge and personality to the brand’s first-ever global advertising campaign. Kate says of her new signing: ‘I’m so excited tobe working with St.Tropez. I’ve been using the products since they started and it’s a really trustworthy, cool brand. I always feel more confident with a St.Tropez tan!’

Michelle Feeney, CEO of PZ Cussons Beauty, owners of 
St.Tropez, said: ‘We’re absolutely thrilled that Kate Moss has chosen to work with us on our new campaign: it gives us the ultimate stamp of approval on the quality of our products. Kate epitomises St.Tropez’s naturally glamorous approach to self-tanning and is a long-time advocate of the brand. Kate’s fashion icon status is important to us but now her growing number of beauty campaigns proves that her appeal as a beauty icon resonates with confident women across all age groups globally. Not only is she beautiful but she has this amazing attitude. St.Tropez is about confidence.’

To achieve Kate’s pool-side bronze for the shoot, the 
St.Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse applied with a St.Tropez Applicator Mitt gives a natural-looking, streak-free result with a flawless finish. St.Tropez Powder Bronzer perfects the look with a beautiful contoured effect and enhances the natural shape of Kate’s body.
St.Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse is a super lightweight, easy-to-apply, velvety mousse that delivers an ultra-even, all-over tan. Infused with conditioning aloe vera for a long-lasting colour, St.Tropez Mousse dries in an instant for an easy to apply, naturally glamorous result. It can be adapted to create a variety of different looks that finish the skin to dramatic effect – from the “No Tan, Tan” to a deeper, ultimate tan. St.Tropez Bronzing Lotion is the original, salon-inspired formula specifically created to provide the richest, deepest, long-lasting and natural looking colour. Infused with aloe vera for a long-lasting result, simply smooth the lotion on for a confidence boosting tan that lasts. 

Whatever your skin type, St.Tropez Bronzing Lotion is THE trusted, easy to use, formula for the ultimate professional looking tan. St.Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Spray is a super-fine self-tanning spray with 360-degree spray technology to ensure flawless application, even in hard to reach areas. Infused with conditioning aloe vera for a long-lasting colour, simply spray the product over the entire body for an ultra-even, ultra-smooth tan or depending on your preferred look, a light Optimised Glow.

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Introducing Estée Lauder Youth-Dew

“Magnificent scents should not be doled out stingily, but like love, be given abundantly,” Estée Lauder.

In April 2013, to celebrate the iconic Australian department store David Jones, Estée Lauder will introduce an exclusive NEW Youth-Dew Anniversary Limited Edition Bottle featuring a luxurious crystal encrusted, golden metalized bow for the perfect touch of elegance. The jewel-worthy, sensuously feminine bottle will be packaged in an eye-catching golden carton that complements and conveys the luxurious and brilliant allure of the fragrance. 

Just as the launch of the first David Jones store changed the landscape of Australian retail, Estée Lauder’s introduction of Youth-Dew bath oil took the fragrance industry by storm. Often described as one of the sexiest fragrances ever created, this voluptuously provocative Oriental fragrance re-wrote the way in which perfumers created their fragrances and forever altered how women perceive, acquire and enjoy scent. 

Youth-Dew continues to entice and attract women worldwide with its sensuous appeal and is therefore the perfect anniversary gift for Australia’s iconic department store. 

“A thoroughly modern fragrance that was ahead of its time, it was sexy when it was introduced and it is sexy now” stated Karyn Khoury, Senior Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. 

This alluring scent is unique and indulgent and continues to be without equal. As Mrs. Estée Lauder herself said, “it is Youth Dew’s unabashedly sensuous aura that made it an international favorite. After all, women like to feel beautiful, pampered and loved. And that’s what Youth-Dew is all about.” 

The development of Youth-Dew began with an exclusive scent that was created by Mrs Lauder’s uncle for a Russian princess. Mrs. Lauder purchased essences to rework the fragrance until it matched her vision of a sensual, modern woman. After months of experimenting, she was not only thrilled with the outcome, but also discovered that Youth-Dew’s sweet, warm, diffusive scent, easily intermingled with flesh and water – lending it to double as both a bath oil and a skin perfume.

At a time when fragrance was only given to women as a gift, and reserved exclusively for special occasions, many women waited for a loved one to present them with a bottle of perfume. As a visionary ahead of her time, Mrs. Lauder jettisoned this notion and set out to convince women to think about fragrance in a completely different way, providing them with the perceived permission to not only buy fragrance for themselves, but to use it lavishly.

Positioning Youth-Dew as a bath oil that doubled as a perfume made it acceptable for women to choose and purchase their own fragrance, as bath oils were widely viewed as a personal, feminine product – a small luxury that, like a lipstick, women could purchase for themselves.

“American women were just catching on to the long-time European passion for body care baths, lotions and oils,” reflected Mrs. Lauder. “So creating a bath oil that could double as a perfume seemed a likely way to start American women on a guiltless journey to their own fragrance buying adventure.”

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Midnight Glamour with De Lorenzo's Autumn/Winter
Colour Collection

De Lorenzo's Autumn/Winter 2013 Colour Collection is called Midnight Glamour and celebrates rich, sultry tones with fusions of vibrant colour blocks to add a touch of glamour and flair.

The collection was created by Australian session stylist Sarah Laidlaw using De Lorenzo's Novacolor professional colours.

As the colder months settle in and we abandon our floral summer dresses for tailored coats and the comfort of knitwear in darker hues, it becomes time to match our hair to the season. This season's collection creates glorious shine with hues to suit any colour or base level. This celebrated professional colour range is the only professional colour range on the market today that is manufactured in Australia specifically for our climate and conditions. 

Novacolor is a complete range of low ammonia based colours designed to resist fading from our harsh sun. lt has an infusion of Australian native plant extracts and protein complexes to ensure truer, richer. longer-lasting colour with unmatched shine and condition.

Australian Session Stylish Sarah Laidlaw is now available for quotes.

De Lorenzo contains:
Fair trade, certified organic ingredients
Is cruetly-free
No ingredients of animal origin
No parabens
No petrochemicals
No phosphate
Is 100% Australian made and owned.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Tour De PeepToe!

Australia’s leading shoe, jewellery, and accessory label, PeepToe, is doing a national tour across all of its flagship boutiques in Australia starting in Melbourne at the iconic shopping destination, Chadstone.

The tour will be hosted by Nikki Hager, the founder and designer of the PeepToe, where you can come down and meet with her and our Peepettes and get SNAPPED @ PeepToe.

There will be a photo booth on each leg of the tour, where you can get your picture taken and keep the film strips as mementos, as well as PeepToe goodie bags filled with branded treats from the acclaimed label.

The ‘Tour De PeepToe’ was inspired by Nikki’s continual passion for keeping in touch with the cult following that is the PeepToe fan base.

The confirmed tour dates are as follows, with more to come!
  • 3rd May @ Chadstone Shopping Centre VIC
  • 10th May @ Sydney City Westfield NSW
  • 15th May @ Chadstone Shopping Centre VIC
  • 31st May @ Queensplaza Shopping Centre QLD
PeepToe first launched into the footwear and accessories market in 2006 when design entrepreneur Nikki Hager found a niche with her beautiful hand crafted heels. The brand quickly expanded into including statement jewellery pieces, bridal and bag lines and has continued to flourish in the Australian fashion market.

PeepToe boasts a loyal Australian celebrity clientele including; Delta Goodrem, Natalie Imbruglia, Jessica Mauboy, Laura Dundovic, Rebecca Judd and Jackie O. Along with International fans Nicky Hilton, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kelly Rowland. 

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wash Away Skin Problems with Caroline's Skincare

While irrefutably the best wash available for skin problems on the market today, Caroline’s Wash is now even better, thanks to an improved and even more effective formula which will belaunched at the end of March.

Specially formulated for people with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, extra dry, sensitive or acne prone skin and as attested by the sheer amount of feedback (both written and photographic testimonials) received, the Wash has had remarkable results. 

After a six-year development process that has seen refinements and adjustments to its formula, Caroline’s Wash has now been included as a medical device by the TGA, and is expected to have even more of an impact on problem skin. 

“The listing of the Wash with the TGA is very important in the marketing of this product. While it has always been evident that Caroline’s Wash is extremely effective in treating and relieving the symptoms of the aforementioned conditions, I now have the official data to support these claims,” says Caroline Monet, founder of Caroline’s Skincare. 

“I can clearly state on the packaging what the Wash can treat and get this message out there to those who suffer from these often very debilitating skin conditions. To me personally this is a very gratifying experience, especially as I know how effective it actually is.” 

Repackaged and also available in a new 100-gram sized travel tube, Caroline’s Wash has the advantage over similar products thanks to its user-friendliness. 

“The wash has a point of difference as it is a multipurpose product. It can be used as a face and body wash, shampoo and conditioner,” says Caroline. “And there are numerous people, both men and women who swear by it for shaving and the removal of makeup as well. There is also the added benefit that it can be used by everyone regardless of age or skin type.” 

It is also very gentle on sensitive skin, the prevalence of which is increasing due to outside factors including chemicals, fragrances and harsh soaps and detergents, especially for people who have to use these products during their workday. 

Made from a highly concentrated blend of botanically derived herbal extracts and oils, Caroline’s Wash is becoming even more popular with people who don’t have skin problems but are seeking a natural alternative to traditional soap based products. 

New, Improved & Unique - Caroline’s Wash is the perfectly simple solution to problem skin:
  • Caroline’s Wash is highly effective on a broad range of difficult to treat skin conditions.
  • Caroline’s Wash is manufactured from high quality botanically derived ingredients, contains no petrochemicals or S.L.S. ingredients.
  • Caroline’s Wash is fragrance free; it is used by people of both genders, regardless of age or skin type.
  • Caroline’s Wash doesn’t only clean the skin; it replenishes and hydrates it as well as being soothing to any irritation that may be present.
  • Caroline’s Wash contains an unusually high number or ingredients as well as an unusually high concentration of herbs and oils, every one of them effective in its own way.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sanctuary Spa – A Haven to Relax and Renew

Every woman needs a Sanctuary, a place to retreat and restore, to relax and renew. US choreographer Gary Cockerill shared this vision and in 1977 opened the original Sanctuary Spa as a gift of love to his ballerina wife.

Hidden behind a quiet façade in London’s iconic Convent Garden, Sanctuary Spa became an instant haven for physical, mental and spiritual regeneration for dancers and soon, women the world over. Sanctuary Spa understands what a woman’s skin needs and what works and in 1998 created a range of authentic, quality products to create the perfect Sanctuary Spa experience at home.

Developed using the expertise of skilled therapists, Sanctuary Spa’s award-winning range delivers the products direct from the treatment rooms, to you. Catering for anti-ageing to brightening, deep cleansing to youth boosting, each product in the premium portfolio of Sanctuary Spa products are full of natural ingredients to deliver the best results. Bursting with rich butters, calming fragrances and luxurious essential oils, the collection of skin quenching masks, warming exfoliators, nourishing oils and restorative creams to satisfy a wide range of skincare needs.

Whether you need to unwind and de-stress or pamper and preen, Sanctuary Spa brings a haven to your home, everyday.

Youth Boosting Facial In A Box:

With age, the skin renews itself less frequently; the connective tissues that keep skin firm begin to weaken and the skin looses its elasticity, leaving you vulnerable to lines, wrinkles and dark circles. As the UK’s number one day spa, Sanctuary Spa treats thousands of women every year to luxurious, targeted treatments. Now, with the famous Youth Boosting Facial In A Box you can refresh, renew and revitalise your skin, anytime, anywhere. 

The Youth Boosting Facial In A Box is a step-by-step, 30-minute spa facial treatment to help skin look and feel younger. To help you pamper and preen at home, each box includes tips, techniques and professional secrets from the therapists to help deliver visible, youth boosting effects. Following the tried and tested method, each product is enhanced by the next, as the unique combination of professional formulas work to instantly refresh and replenish, as well as strengthen and support the skin. 

Exfoliate – First, the Warming Microdermabrasion Polish gently heats the skin 
to stimulate circulation, while the ultrafine polish helps to deeply cleanse and refine 
the complexion. 

Treat – Next, the Time Reversal Face Mask delivers a fresh burst of nourishing marine complex to firm the skin. 

Boost – The unique, wrinkle-reducing Firming Youth Serum contains actives to help strengthen and promote collagen synthesis, helping to ease expression lines and 
fine wrinkles. 

Targeted Treatment – Follow with the Lift and Brightening Eye Complex, containing Eye ProTM 3X to target wrinkles and dark circles. 

Hydrate & protect – For lasting results, complete the facial by massaging in the incredibly rich Stop The Clock Moisturiser to protect, plump and firm the skin. Become your own facialist with the Sanctuary Spa Youth Boosting Facial In A Box. 

The therapist-approved formula will help boost, firm and plump the skin, delivering professional results anytime, anywhere.

RRP: $39.99

Available at Priceline. Ph: 03 8545 2700

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