Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glow This Spring With MOR Essentials Salt & Sugar Scrubs!

During the winter, skin becomes dull and scaly, so using a scrub to remove dead surface skin cells is essential to achieving a radiant glow for spring.

Using an exfoliator once or twice a week in the shower will slough away dry flakes and will leave your skin hydrated and soft.

This award winning invigorating MOR Essentials Salt & Sugar Body Scrub is enriched with Avocado and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect the skin, whilst Vitamin A, E and C will improve the skin's elasticity.

This exfoliating essential will leave your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and Oh-So-Soft to touch!

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Key Benefits and Ingredients:
Contains Glycerin to hydrate an protect the skin / Enriched with Vitamin C to improve the skins elasticity / Enriched with Vitamin A & E to nourish and reinvigorate the skin / Rich in Avocado and Jojoba Oils.

Love Is In The Air With Palas Jewellery's New Range Of Charms

Love is very much in the air with the new range of hand-crafted charms released this month by leading international jewellery company, Palas Jewellery.

The Adelaide-based company’s Spring Collection – which includes bridal charms – will add some 100 new styles of charms to its existing portfolio of more than 400 beautiful and affordable pieces all brimming with individuality and conveying sentiments of love, sincerity, passion, strength and friendship.

Palas Jewellery CEO Anna Dimond says “that love is very much the theme in the new range, perfect for gifting on those milestone special occasions.

“Our philosophy has always been to create jewellery that’s special and intimate, that has real feeling and speaks of the importance of love and friendship,”
she said.

“We’re delighted with what we’ve achieved with the new range and believe each piece will give a sense of upliftment to the wearer.” 

All the new charm styles, set to retail for less than $44 each, are hand-crafted in sterling silver, brass, bronze and pewter and include: 
  • 'My family and friends' charms centred around love and conveying positive messages for loved ones; 
  • 'Wisdom and protection' charms that offer love and protection in your day, on your journey and throughout those key moments in life; 
  • 'To have and to hold' bridal charms, pendants, rings and earrings, designed to cover every aspect of a wedding celebration for the bride and those in the bridal party; and 
  • 'Birthstone charms' in Swarovski crystal and celebrating each birth month. 
“We believe the new range offers something beautiful and inspirational for everyone as they’re all filled with light, love and colour and inscribed with powerful and positive words and affirmations,”
added Ms Dimond.

The new range will be available from Palas’ more than 600 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United Kingdom, as well as online, from mid-September.

Palas Jewellery is an international jewellery brand developed by Anna Dimond and her late sister, Eran Svigos. The company’s range has evolved from just 30 earring styles into a comprehensive collection of hand-crafted charms, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, chains and wristbands. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

JUSTICE - Argan Oil

We all know that argan oil is pretty amazing; it’s packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids that make it one of the best natural moisturisers around.

The team at Just Cuts cut over 66,000 styles a week and need tools to make their job easier and better for their customers. So, Justice Professional Argan Oil was born.

The huge 100ml bottle is one of the first to have a spray pump, making application and portion control simple. You’ll never drown your tresses in oil and waste product again. This is also really effective for thin hair.

The formulation is top-notch too, with 89% argan oil it feeds and nourishes your hair with no parabens. The hazelnut and vanilla scent is subtle but really pleasant to use on your hair.

Finally, the team wanted to make a product that was accessible to everyone and so made the high-quality oil at an affordable price - $24.95. It’s no wonder the spray has sold out since its launch last week.

Justice Professional Argan Oil and all other products are available in salon and online now.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JUSTICE For All - Innovative New Product Launches From Just Cuts

Iconic Australian hairdressing brand, Just Cuts has launched professional styling range JUSTICE Professional, a brand new range of exclusive products. The range was driven by the need of over 1,500 Just Cuts stylists to have a product to compliment their youthful and chic cuts. 

Consisting of 14 unisex products, the JUSTICE Professional range was designed to allow customers to create their Just Cuts looks at home. These clever and inventive products make it easy and mean you can look and feel your best at all times.

Over the past 30 years, Just Cuts has been growing and developing into an iconic national brand, synonymous with quality, efficiency, customer service and style. The brand now has salons in every state and territory and in both islands of New Zealand with their expert stylists cutting over 66,000 Style Cuts each and every week.

Justice marks the evolution of Just Cuts and perfectly complements the brand that’s been growing for three decades. The products take the whole hairstyling experience to the next level and allow them to look and feel their very best. 

Creating a range that perfectly accents Just Cuts and provides professional results was no easy feat. Just Cuts founder, Denis McFadden travelled far and wide to find the right ingredients and formulation before showcasing the range to his stylists. 

What he created is professional quality products, made by hairdressers for hairdressers, at an affordable price point.

JUSTICE Professional is the ultimate range for people on the go, allowing them to achieve salon results at home in no time. Whether you want sleek waves, vibrant colour or short and groomed – Justice has you covered.

JUSTICE Professional products start from just $13.95 and are available in Just Cuts salons and from JUSTICE Professional

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