Thursday, October 31, 2013

John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour

We are loving this fabulous home care colour range from John Frieda®. Maintaining your hair colour during the lead up to your big day can often feel like a 'to do' you really don't have the time for.

John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour is an easy and affordable way to refresh your look with true salon quality colour, without the time and expense of regular salon visits. An amazing breakthrough in the self-colour experience, the product puts professional colourist expertise in every woman's hands with unique and precise non-drip foam technology.

There’s a full range of 25 gorgeous, natural, luminous colours for blondes, brunettes and redheads, giving women access to the caliber of colour usually only found in salons.

And better still, John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour is easy to apply - similar to a shampoo - yet delivers complete coverage for greys and even those hard to reach places, giving salon quality results at home each time you colour.

Lock in your colour and maintain that beautiful freshly coloured vibrancy with the John Frieda® colour care range, and you'll look your very best on your special day and well into your honeymoon.

Thanks to the John Frieda® hair care experts, John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour is your perfect partner in helping you preserve gorgeous fresh colour for your big day.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Carefree and hairfree…shaving on the go is now possible with Quick Fix

Women are finding themselves more and more time poor and needing quick beauty fixes while on the go. Amele recognised that sometimes women find themselves in situations where they need to be hairless in areas such as the underarms and bikini lines, but have not had the time to shave. Ever had an impromptu beach date and realised your bikini line hasn’t been taken care of? Or late for work and you didn’t have time to shave your underarms? The answer to this dilemma is Quick Fix Shave Cream, an on-the-go cream designed for the time poor woman.

Quick Fix Shave Cream is a one-of–a-kind product, for on the go hair removal without the need for water. With no other product like this on the market in Australia, Quick Fix is the perfect solution for women who need to remove excess hair quickly. 

Many women resort to dry shaving when they are time poor, however this generally causes red bumps, irritated skin follicles and uneven shaving. Quick Fix Shave Cream counteracts this with its dermatologically tested and paraben free formula that reduces the likelihood of irritated and dry skin. It is an innovative solution to water-less shaving. It also acts as a pH friendly moisturiser as the remainder of the cream is just rubbed in after shaving.

Quick Fix Shave Cream is ideal for the busy modern woman and travellers as its 50ml packaging makes it suitable for throwing in the handbag or backpack or keeping in the desk drawer.

Simply apply the cream directly on unwanted hair and shave the desired area using a razor. The remaining cream can simply be rubbed into the skin as a moisturiser. There is no need to use water or to rinse, making it the ultimate 2-in-1 shaving solution.

Amele is a new brand that collaborates with RFSU in Sweden to create the perfect female products for the everyday woman.

RFSU is a Swedish non- profit organisation focusing on sexual education. When purchasing the any amele product you are supporting key programs from RFSU's work with sexual education in Sweden and other parts of the world.

All amele products are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested and contain ingredients that are carefully selected to be gentle on the skin.

Never get caught out with unwanted hair again! Quick Fix makes your shaving comfortable, smooth and efficient, whenever and wherever you need a quick fix. Quick Fix – just in the nick of time.

Amele Quick Fix Shave Cream is available at Priceline.

RRP $9.99

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