Monday, June 23, 2014

Statement Headpieces

A statement headpiece can definitely enhance your wedding dress but also compliment your gown without overpowering it. Think about your overall look and choose a piece that matches your dress perfectly. It can be a traditional crown, sparkly headband, flower wreath made of fresh blooms or even a crystal studded hair comb. Whether you are going for an elegant up-do or a relaxed down-do, formal reception or a beach wedding, the right accessory can improve your overall look and make you feel even more sophisticated and chic!

Wedding Tiaras 

A tiara is a classical choice, perfect for more traditional weddings. It can look lovely with a long tulle veil which you can remove after the ceremony, leaving only a sparkly tiara on your head. From family heirloom and gorgeous vintage pieces to modern tiaras with Swarovski crystals, this beautiful accessory has an irresistible royal charm. Think Kate Middleton’s wedding and her dazzling diamond tiara borrowed from the Queen! We also love floral designs such as the Edwardian style 45-carat garland diamond tiara worn by Lady Mary in popular British series 'Downton Abbey'. 

Even though a classical tiara is a fabulous accessory for princess-like brides wearing flamboyant white ball gowns, modern designs can be worn with relaxed outfits, such as bohemian style dresses. It is important to match the tiara with the style of your dress, hairdo and the shape of your face. And remember that you will be wearing it all day, so choose a piece that fits perfectly. 

Floral Crowns 

Floral crowns are a huge trend this year and they are perfect for spring or summer weddings. This cool accessory made from fresh blooms is suitable for vintage and rustic themed weddings, as well as beach parties. From oversized blossoms to chains of daisies, flower wreaths are very natural and romantic. Depending on the choice of flowers, you can wear them with straight or wavy hair, neatly styled buns and chignons, or even braids. Our favourite styling is the combination of a colourful floral wreath made from a range of wildflowers, romantic curls and a strapless wedding gown. 

This is a great accessory for nature inspired weddings and you can use anything from white or pink roses to bright-coloured flowers combined with decorative plants. Just make sure that the crown matches your bridal bouquet! Flower crown will look great with an elegant lace gown, simple chiffon dress, or even with a casual boho style beach wedding outfit, as seen at Oscar de la Renta's spring/summer 2015 bridal show.

Head Bands 

Head bands are very popular at modern weddings and we have seen plenty of gorgeous designs at Bridal Fashion Week this year. We love Jenny Packham’s head bands embellished with crystals and worn with long, textured hair gathered in low ponytails, but there were also some amazing bejewelled headpieces at Monique Lhullier, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera spring/summer 2015 bridal shows. 

Head bands can be worn with or without veils and they can be made out of any material from satin or lace to crystals and pearls. Combination of old lace, beads and feathers is fabulous for weddings inspired by the roaring twenties, while crystals are great for both modern and traditional brides. If you want something a little different, try sixties inspired satin headband with a big bow and match it with a high bun, or re-embroidered lace for chic vintage look. 

Scattered Flowers 

Scattered flowers are very delicate and romantic, and they are the perfect match for long, wavy hair. This is a very nice decoration for modern hair styles with multiple braids and knots and we spotted this look at Marchesa spring/summer 2015 bridal collection. White floral garlands were intertwined with hair creating sophisticated but relaxed look paired with soft, natural make-up. You can also use single fresh blooms or pin flowers made from crystals, satin and pearls to create unique hair style.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6 Romantic Fragrances for Weddings

When trying to imagine the ideal perfume for your wedding day, are you thinking of lush white and pink blooms, sweet fruit scents or refreshing green notes? If you are looking for a romantic and elegant fragrance packaged in a gorgeous bottle, have a look at our favourites: 

1. All Vera Wang’s fragrances are very feminine and romantic, but if you are looking for a youthful scent in a gorgeous bottle, we think that Lovestruck is simply ideal. Inspired by modern day Romeo and Juliet, it includes notes of guava, mandarin orange, angelica, lotus, tuberose and musk. 

2. Ralph Lauren’s Romance is the best choice for traditional brides who want a timeless and elegant scent on their big day. The clear glass bottle is very simple, while the fragrance is a delicate mixture of velvety woody notes, extravagant florals and seductive musk. 

3. Inspired by fresh roses and packed in a ribbed bottle adorned with a pink ribbon, Annick Goutal’ Rose Splendide is a gorgeous feminine fragrance for the wedding day. It is a delightful blend of musk and rose with elements of vanilla, magnolia and pear. 

4. One of our favourites, Valentino’s Valentina Assoluto is just so wonderfully chic and mysterious. Created from noble ingredients such as tuberose and Smeggia Peach it is bottled in an elegant round bottle decorated with a large flower. We think it would make an ideal groom’s present for his bride-to-be! 

5. If you want the essence of glamour in a bottle, Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir Couture is a great option. Launched this year, it is very trendy because of its irresistable packaging and a truly decadent fragrance which includes notes of raspberry, bergamot, rose, patchouli, vetiver, tonka beans and moss. 

6. Finally, we absolutely had to include Blooming Bouquet, the new fragrance from Dior’s Miss Dior family. Inspired by Dior’s legendary love for flowers, it is one of the best choices for weddings because it is a fresh and romantic combination Sicilian mandarin, pink peony, Damask rose, peach, apricot and white musk.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Pandora's Latest Collection

Pandora has created an exciting new collection of charms, rings, bracelets and earrings inspired by exotic journeys and vibrant colours of tropical islands. It features plenty of vivid, summery colours, fun patterns and delicate mosaics. Their spring/summer colour palette includes turquoise blue, bright green and zesty orange and their mood board for this lovely collection includes images of sandy beaches, palm trees and beautiful ocean inhabitants. 

World famous for their quality, hand-finished jewellery at affordable prices, Pandora’s unique designs combine traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. It continues to inspire women to develop their personal style and invites them to make their own jewellery designs. You can create your own tropical paradise and design amazing fashion statements to compliment your style. 

Just take a bracelet and a handful of colourful beads and put the pieces together the way you like! Combine silver with bright orange or turquoise blue, or mix all the vibrant hues together to make a gorgeous accessory. You can also use Pandora Alphabet charms to spell important names or romantic words and make a bespoke present. We think that this could be a fabulous gift for the bride or bridesmaids and a great accessory for a destination wedding.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

QWERTYs Jewellery

If you are looking for a truly original, fashion forward bridal accessory, QWERTYs from Covet Jewels is a wonderful choice. Typography is a huge trend this year and QWERTYs collection is an amazing range of personalised jewellery pieces made from letters that can be arranged in different ways to create names, words or important dates in your life. From your loved one’s initial to a personal message, you can choose your own words to make a unique necklace or bracelet.

QWERTYs jewellery is perfect for any occasion. You can wear it every day or even use it to accessorise your wedding dress. Pendants can be purchased with or without a chain, and we think it makes a fabulous present for the bride from your groom or even a gift for your bridal party. Pieces are made in silver, gold and platinum and they may or may not be adorned with precious gemstones. Solid 3-dimensional letters are done in a beautiful avian font with rounded edges and you can even order small ones which are perfect for children.

QWERTYs collection is created by Natasha Turner who is a qualified gemmologist, trained diamond grader, jewellery designer and member of the Gemmological Association of Australia. “I am constantly inspired by the personalisation of jewellery and the inherent emotional value of jewellery, my QWERTYs are a reflection of this,” she said. 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

10 ways to use Jojoba

There are many ways to use Jojoba  as it is great for face, body and hair. This botanical extract is actually liquid wax which acts similar to oils in your skin. It nurtures your skin without making it too oily, but also cleans, softens and even heals. Jojoba can even trick your skin to produce less sebum, which is great if your skin is prone to breakouts. 

Here are 10 different ways to use this 100% natural wonder product in the lead up to your big day: 

1. You can use Jojoba extract as a shaving prep or aftershave product because it has the power to prevent razor burn and leaves the skin perfectly smooth and velvety. You can rub it into the desired area before applying shaving cream or if you use it after shaving, it will soothe and moisturise your skin. 

2. Jojoba can also work as carrier oil. You can mix it with aromatic essential oils to treat acne-prone skin or use it as a massage oil. It is especially good for very sensitive skin. 

3. If you are having a relaxing bubble bath, it is a good idea to pour a few drops of Jojoba to the water. It will prevent your skin from dehydrating, leaving it soft and lightly moisturised. 

4. If you apply Jojoba extract right after having a shower or bath, it will act as a very efficient body moisturiser. It works best if you rub it into your skin while it the skin is still damp. 

5. Jojoba can also be used as cuticle oil. Simply apply a few drops to rough cuticles once a day and it will do wonders for your nails. 

6. If you have very dry hair and split ends, you can use Jojoba as a deep conditioning treatment for hair and scalp. Make sure that you massage Jojoba in to your scalp well and then cover your split ends

7. Jojoba is also a great summer protection for both hair and skin because it acts a shield that prevents damages caused by sun, salt and chlorine. 

8. With only a few drops of Jojoba you can remove make-up without leaving your skin feeling dry. You can also combine it with your regular face cleanser for a better impact, or even mix it with your daily moisturiser. 

9. Jojoba is a powerful moisturiser and it works very well as a treatment for dry lips. It has the best effect if you apply it before going to bed and leave it to work overnight. 

10. Combination of Jojoba and vitamin E makes an excellent facial mask. This is definitely our favourite way to use Jojoba!

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